Domestic & Commercial

We provide an efficient and convenient service to all our customers. The cost of our leak detection in most cases is FREE as it’s normally covered under building insurance as part of ‘Trace & Access’ cover. We work with all insurance companies.

    • We aim to attend all leak detections within 48 hours
    • We will arrive on site at a time and date which has been agreed with the customer
    • A full report will be provided within 48 hours, including site photographs
    • Reports can be sent direct to Loss assessors or insurance companies at the customer’s request

Why Choose Mourne Leak Finders?

  • Domestic and Commercial Water Leaks Detected
  • Repair or replacement of leaking pipes
  • Monitoring of Systems to Establish No Further Leaks Occurring
  • Draining and Replacement of any Damaged Pipework, Boilers or Radiators
  • Flushing and Refilling of Heating Systems
  • Adding Anti Corrosion Agents to Heating Systems
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